Why i installed a public version of Pi-Hole:

Every day I’m disturbed by the excessive use of advertisements. On some pages there is more advertising than content. Of course I have already taken precautionary measures with various browser plugins that block advertising. Unfortunately, these plugins do not work on phones and tablets.

After searching the internet I encountered Pi-Hole. Initially, still skeptical about the result. But after testing with a raspberry I was lyrical about the results.

After it was installed, all my devices connected to my network were completely free of advertising. This requires no software on any device. Simplified by adjusting the DNS settings in my router.

However, when I’m not home, the difference is very big. Then all the commercials will again appear. To solve this issue, I decided to install a public version of Pi-Hole on a VPS Server. Now i can use the internet everywhere with a advertising filter.

Since the VPS is hosted in a data center and the system is only taxed at 1%, I would like to offer other people the opportunity to advertise the Internet. So feel free to use it.

  • IP v4 dns server:
  • IP v6 dns server: 2001:41d0:302:2100::6073
  • Graphs & Stats: http://pihole.sstomp.nl/admin/
  • Settings: Redirecting to Google DNS and DNS.WATCH.
  • Datacenter Location: Gravelines, France
  • Protected against attacks
  • Unlimited bandwidth

See below youtube video for more information about Pi-Hole and how to install it in your network


3 thoughts on “Free Public Pi-Hole”

  1. i will love to know the diferente to install a pihole in my intranet in my house and doing it in a VPS. Coud you tell me the few diferences.

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